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Meeting trouble with level-headed detachment

Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Its really a weird feeling - as if this is something new happening with me, yes, writing a blog after more than a month. I could have avoided this state of mind,Thanks - atleast now fortunately breaking this long silence with self criticism.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Help Counter

Never count the number of people you have helped but at the same time never forget the help you received from others because the former will not help you and the latter would always count.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Crispy and Chirpy Tale

Yes, of course you have missed me once but what you don’t realise is that you haven’t lost me forever.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Crispy Tale 12

Dying to Live! -
First I was dying to complete my high School and get into college, Next I was dying to finish my college and get into MNC for working, Next I was dying to fall in love with a girl and marry her and have cute little kids to tell them my tales of struggle in dying to live, Next I was dying for my children to grow old enough and live on their own, Next I was dying to retire from work, Next I was dying to survive on my little booty saved with all hardships until my retirement, Finally now when I am actually dying, looking back assuming to have lived my life to fullest as I wanted, I unfortunately realize I have forgotten to LIVE and have already dead on many occasions, re-incarnated at each and every instance Dying to LIVE! Dying to LIVE!

Your's deadly,

Friday, August 11, 2006

Crispy Tale - 11

FATE Fuck All The Events in his LIFE.

Ten Commandments of Fucked up LIFE.
1, Oh sorry, I forgot you were a child and you wanted that.
2, Oh sorry, I forgot you were a teenager and you needed this...
3, Next time, please...busy.
4, Sorry again.
5, I guess, you should have used to this denial, you idiot.
6, How dare u ask me again?
7, Do you want me to say this again? It’s No, Never and Cannot.
8, Dumb, dumber and dumbest...this is your title.
9, At last, Lessons Learnt.
10,Never ever ask for anything in life, especially when u like it the most.

Note:Thank for things you already have with you. Never regret.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Everything possible can go wrong…

In a street very early in the morning, sunlight fighting out the dark to brightness and sun inching out into sky. Morning wake up shlokas could be heard in the near by temple. There were many people gathered near a house, when you walk near the house you can see some familiar faces from the neighbour surrounded. Pulse is beating high and cannot hold the suspense anymore, asked one of them
“Is anything wrong here“
A big sigh was the initial reaction “yes“, they lost their only son in an accident.
You mean “Ashok”?
Yeah, do you know him?

Though not a close friend but I know he was a youngster, fair, well built , athletic and have seen him quite a few times fighting with neighbours to get back his cricket ball. But it was long ago, in recent times not quite heard about him.

What exactly happened?

He went out to celebrate with his friends on finding a new job. Some say he was drunk and so was drowned in the nearby river. None of his family agrees to this fact anyway. They say he was religious and a complete teetotaller. Just the other day he was really exited about his first job in an MNC. His father has once thought his entire dream has come true and now he can pass on his family responsibilities to his son and relax to his death peacefully.

What went wrong actually?
All his friends describe his death as they like and look to me as manipulated. You cannot blame them as they were his dear friends and some of them were really close to his family.

Whatever, family lost their dearest son. No story can replace them with their son and no one can bring back the happiness to the family again.

All the day long in my office the faint image of Ashok and his family was haunting me.If the image of this stranger could haunt me, imagine about the family. Next day was petrified again to see his photograph in the obituary column of TOI and was cursing fate on its cruelty unknowing it’s already a curse by itself to humans.

Can u cruse the fate?

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Bald and the Bellyful is Bold and the beautiful

The two things which really annoys most of the men is - growing bald and a sweetly, slowly unnoticeably growing beautiful - tummy - around the waist. Which is Protruding out of their body as an odd man out.

Both of them can shatter your confidence so easily and make you so uncomfortable at times, which is why you hate them. Most of them would try and work out to stay fit and avoid having a belly to an extent. But there is no cure on the earth to grow back your hair.

Being bald sometimes would unnecessarily draw attention and gives you a bold & mature look. Having a belly would sometimes make you look beautiful like pregnant women, Hence the title.

IT industry has constantly nurtured men with these two qualities. The stress at the work place would make your hair fall faster then you expect. The inadequate and highly disorder intake of junk food would feed the harmless tumour to grow inside out. Most of them try and make conscious effort to workout in the gym and take this growing belly head on. But the irregularity in their project schedule would make their attempt as MI-I, II and III and they end up exactly where they started.

Few of them have their nick names associated to this, as salting your wound. In local languages they can call you anything from Boodi, Baldy, Dabba thale (empty tin), Waste land, Corner site, Bunnu thale, Motte thale, Dabara thale, Gunda, Bodaa (In Tamil & Kannada), Abe ‘O’ Ganje, hot property (In Hindi)...etc agony continues....This list never ends, is left to the wild imagination of the caller to compare it with anything with a smooth surface.

Some of the heads would brittle and shine in sun as silver and gold ornaments do for women. They can sense the heat and rain far quicker than the metrological department do with their satellites. They can wear helmets, need not comb hair (walk straight out of bed in to office), need not carry comb in back pockets, no hair raising experience and Buy no hair care products.

Pot belly, beer belly, jelly belly, fat belly are some of the kinds you can see around you. But
for a belly beholder the agony is more than this, a bald man can at least hide this with something. Tucking and trimming pot belly inside your trouser is a herculean task everyday. It would be there with you as a reminder at all important occasions, even if not invited and more the reminder more the discomfort. Its terrible when he realises his new tummy cannot be tucked in this old trouser anymore. Now he has to buy a new one to accomplish this task. He would pray hard in his heart that he would never ever touch beer again, no fagging, no junk food and no extra naps on weekends and list them all as New Year resolutions. Which are never followed?

Often when you meet old friends in a get together, it brings a smile on his face when he notices his fellow buddy’s hair has been inching backwards and all their bellies are inching forward as well. Thank god for being kind until now. The easiest things he can do now is pray and pray even harder. Oh god! Save my hair and take care of my tummy. Amen!

Most females do not really care about these two parameters as judgement factor to choose a guy to be her hubby. But men think otherwise because they are men.

Men have taken this curse on their stride with Great Spirit, makes me really wonder how heroes in the Hollywood, Bollywood would have done with out an artificial hair wig on their head. Most of the times it looks so odd and makes you look like a fool on the screen. But they don’t care, they just go on and on and are they making a statement here to the hair raiser “Hey, you cannot stop me from becoming a hero, you sucker”.

We should be thankful that these two elements are not part of our resume as it for the cine actors to get a job. Else, most of them would have been with wigs on their heads to office.Yuk.
People around you are far more comfortable with your bald and tummy than you are with it. Its just our inner bad feeling that how bad it looks in reality to others. No one really cares.